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How to install your Laser ParkingPal

Frequently asked questions

Where do I put the laser mount in my car?

Carefully measure the distance between the sides of your windshield. Once you have this measurement, divide it in half. The center of the laser mount should be placed at this midpoint, pointing straight forward.

This ensures optimal alignment and accuracy for the laser mount inside your car. Make sure to follow these steps for precise placement.

Can I remove the laser mount?

A: Yes, you can remove the laser mount from your car. The mount is designed using Velcro to be easily detachable, providing flexibility in its usage. If you need to temporarily uninstall or reposition the laser mount, follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe removal. Always exercise caution and ensure that the mount is securely reattached when needed for use.

Can I remove the laser without detaching the mount from the Velcro?

A: Yes, you can remove the laser without detaching the mount from the Velcro. The design allows for easy removal of the laser unit while keeping the mount attached to the Velcro. Simply slide the laser completely forward out of the mount to temporarily separate it from the mount. Always handle the laser and mount with care during the removal process.

How do I use the Laser ParkingPal system to avoid damage to my side view mirrors?

Once installed the laser should be in the mount but not activated. To activate the laser, gently push the laser rearward into the mount until the on/off switch is within the mount cylinder. This turns on the laser beam. With the beam shooting directly forward you should see the green pinpoint light on the rear wall of your garage near or on the target strip. As you slowly move the car forward keep the green beam inside the target. You should be able to enter or leave your garage safely as long as the beam is within the width of the target strip. Once you are in the garage, slide the laser forward to turn the beam off. When leaving the garage activate the beam as when entering and then slowly move in reverse while keeping the beam inside the width of the target. Once outside the garage deactivate the laser by sliding it forward in the mount.

Is it OK to drive with the beam activated?

Never drive on the roads with the beam activated. The laser should only be activated to enter or leave your garage. Keep the laser deactivated at all other times.

How often should I charge the laser using the USB cord?

A: The charging frequency for the Laser ParkingPal system depends on your usage. If the beam fails to remain on when activated, charging is needed. When charging the laser a small blue indicator light will be visible on the laser. When that light is no longer seen, charging is complete.

How do I place the target on the rear garage wall?

1. Measure the width of your garage door opening.

2. Mark the center of the garage door opening.

3. Use the laser and the right angle ruler to point from that center spot onto the rear wall of the garage.

4. Use the right angle ruler to identify the true vertical direction from that point and mark a spot three feet above the floor on that line.

5. Attach the middle of one end of the target strip at that point using push pins.

6. Unroll the target strip straight towards the ceiling, securing it with push pins.

If I want to permanently remove the laser mount from my dashboard how do I get rid of any adhesive residue from the Velcro attachment?

A: Follow these steps to effectively remove adhesive residue from Velcro:

1. Peel off Velcro: Carefully detach the Velcro strip from the dashboard, ensuring a slow and gentle removal to minimize residue.

2. Adhesive Remover: Apply a small amount of adhesive remover or isopropyl alcohol to a cloth. Gently rub the residue until it lifts off. Avoid using excessive force.

3. Clean Surface: Wipe the cleaned area with a damp cloth to remove any remaining residue or cleaning solution.

Should I look at the laser beam or point it at another's eyes?


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