Say 👋 goodbye to damaged side mirrors

Laser ParkingPal is an easy-to-use system that helps you pull in and out of your garage smoothly every time

Step 1

Put the laser on your dashboard

Set-up is simple - no tools needed, just a few quick steps

Step 2

Put the target on your garage wall

This is where you'll point the laser as you pull in and out.

Step 3

Park with ease!

Just keep the laser in the center of the target to drive in and out of your garage safely every time.

Get yours now

Never have this happen to you again

  • Sandy P.

    I never used my garage until I got my Laser ParkingPal. Now I park and exit without fear!

  • Sharon M.

    My teenager was afraid to park in our garage before I bought the Laser ParkingPal system. Problem solved!

  • Jamie S.

    My damaged side mirror cost me over $500 to fix. And that was the first time. Laser ParkingPal to the rescue!